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  • I went to see Dr. Reddy after another surgeon had done a diskectomy surgery 3 times. I still had pain and my leg was numb. After the last surgery I had a foot drop. I was miserable. Dr Reddy was my savior. He said he might be able to fix me when everyone else just wanted to put me on pain medication...

  • I had back pain for 7 years. I saw multiple doctors had 10 injections and never found relief. I was told by a friend to see Dr. Reddy. He took the time to talk to me and suggested surgery. I was in the hospital for a few days and was so impressed by my care at SJ. I'm 6 weeks out and for the first t...

  • This guy is awesome. He's the best spine surgeon I've ever met. Don't hesitate to see him. He's kind, courteous, well trained and has helped me and my family with excellent results.

  • This guy is really impressive. He took care of my mom. She had back and leg pain. Had seen other doctors before who just kept offering her pills and shots. None of that was working anymore. She saw Dr. Reddy, he explained it to us in a way I can understand. He's got a mechanical mind. Surgery went g...

  • Smart, talented, easy to talk to. Can't imagine a better person to do spine surgery on me.

  • Took care of my when I broke a bone in my left leg. Placed a rod in the bone to fix it up. Went great. Now I'm going back to see him for my neck.

  • Dr. Reddy helped me with my ankle fracture. I broke the small bone in my ankle and he treated me in a boot. I was lucky to not need surgery. He saw me after I came out of the boot and helped manage my therapy so I could get back to work. Thanks Doc!

  • I had surgery with Dr. Reddy at Saint Joe. My case went great, I had a wonderful team after surgery and was able to return home 3 days after. My recovery went as planned and now 3 months after surgery I'm happy as can be. Thanks so much for giving me my life back.

  • This is the best doctor I've ever seen. Smart, thoughtful, compassionate and an excellent surgeon. I'd recommend him to all of my friends and family. There's no one I'd trust more.

  • Great doctor. Fantastic Experience. Will come back if I have any further issues.

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