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Jana D's Story

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    I had several (over 4) visits with Dr. Reddy prior to making the decision to have a L3, L4, L5, S1 spinal fusion with him. He is the type of surgeon who will NOT make decisions for you but will patiently be with you until you are ready to move ahead (as he says "its your back and life"). He explained things, as many times as I needed and answered every single question I presented to him with patience and compassion. Overall I found him to be very knowledgeable, confident, honest, friendly and approachable. He does not pull any punches and tells you exactly what you will be facing post surgery for your recovery. You will not regret going on this scary adventure with Dr. Reddy. P.S. Do your own research and spend time reading blogs from others who have had fusion surgeries similar to what you are having. There is A LOT of good information out there to help you with your recovery process. Pre-planning will make your recovery soooo much easier.