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    I’m 69. For 50 years I dealt with pain caused by disc disease and multiple levels of other back issues. Exercise, stretching, and ibuprofen kept me going, but I was in pain every day. Ultimately, surgery (fusion of S1, L4, and L5) became the only option. Dr. Reddy’s education, experience, and recommendations from acquaintances convinced me to make an appointment; when my wife and I met with him, we were sold. We were pleased that he was open to talking with a surgeon from Chicago who had taken care of our family for decades but was no longer performing surgery. Things couldn’t have gone better from start to finish. The back pain I suffered for 50 years was gone completely after the first surgery and it hasn’t returned. When I first saw Dr. Reddy a year ago, I was bent over and struggled to walk from the parking lot to his office. A year later, my posture is good, I exercise daily, and I’m snow skiing. Dr. Reddy is just the best - in every way you want your doctor to be.