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Melissa C's Story

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    I am a 58 year old female. I dealt with severe pain in my neck shoulders and down my left arm into my hand for 6 months. Weakness, numbness stabbing pain were all present. i met with Dr Reddy and he presented some options. i started with a shot which only gave me about 4 hours of relief so surgery was my only option. Dr Reddy met with me several times before surgery and explained everything about it and what to expect afterward. I was scared to death but yet couldnt continue to live in pain so i went ahead with the surgery. I was so impressed with the teamwork from office appointments to pre testing and the day of surgery. Everyone kept me informed along the whole way. When i woke up after surgery everything Dr Reddy had explained was right on. If there is anyone else out there experiencing this kind of pain I would highly recommend meeting with Dr. Reddy. His confidence as a surgeon gave me confidence as a patient to make this decision. Best thing I could have done